Gskyer telescopes are best sellers on Amazon?

So why are Gskyer telescopes best sellers on Amazon? Does anyone know? Are they really good? Do they provide great bang for your buck? I think I know the answers so let’s dig in and find out. Let’s start by looking at the fact that, as shown in the image above, Gskyer telescopes are selling … Read more

Astrophotography How To – Part 2

Astrophotography How To Part 2: Getting going In our last article, Astrophotography for Beginners Tutorial part 1, we mainly talked about what equipment you needed to get started while in this part you will find more information on setting up and collecting images. Packed with lots of astrophotography how to information and astrophotography tips, this … Read more

DSLR Astrophotography for Beginners Tutorial – Part 1

So you want to do DSLR astrophotography? This DSLR Astrophotography for Beginners Tutorial will help you get started figuring out what you need to buy and what you need to learn. Think of it as your DSLR astrophotography 101 class or a beginner’s guide to DSLR astrophotography. While this DSLR Astrophotography for Beginners Tutorial won’t … Read more

Best Telescope Zoom Eyepiece for 2023

A telescope zoom eyepiece allows you to have several telescope eyepieces installed in your telescope at one time, making viewing easier and faster. In addition, this also allows you to spend less money as one zoom eyepiece can cost less than the several eyepieces you would have to buy to give you the same views. … Read more