Hauling a bunch of equipment out, setting it up, and following this tiny object across a vast sky is hard enough without having to constantly worry about whether you purchased the right tools for the job, and your budget. Astronomy and astrophotography are amazing pursuits that can really enrich your life, with the right equipment. Nothing is worse than to spend a substantial amount of money on something that doesn’t work well, or doesn’t do what you needed it to do.

That’s where we come in! In these pages you will find reviews and product suggestions from people who have already bought the equipment and used it in the field. We are not professional reviewers, not salesmen, and ¬†certainly not equipment manufacturers so we have only your best interest at heart. Yes, if you purchase an item using a link on this website we get a tiny commission that helps us keep the website paid for but that’s it.

If you have comments or suggestions for astronomy or astrophotography equipment we should cover, let us know.

Clear skies!

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